Maybe you need a board with more performance, or with a Wi-Fi, or an RF module, or a Bluetooth, or GPIO pins, but with on a tight budget. Don’t worry all these boards are under 10$.

Arduino Clones

Ya, clones.
Arduino clones cost up to 1/10 of genuine Arduino. And yet functionalities are same, just some differences like Arduino logo on the back and some beauty.

Some of the best Arduino clones are listed below.

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Arduino UNO R3

It is the most popular Arduino board around. And most probably you know about it.
It will cost around 2.7$ in following links.
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Arduino Nano

Just same as Arduino UNO R3, same features, by the way exactly the same microcontroller. And much smaller than UNO R3.
It will cost lesser than 2$ from the following links.
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Arduino Pro Mini

A bit smaller than Arduino Nano. Comes in two variant — Atmega168 and Atmega328 (Like in UNO R3).
It will cost around 1.8$.
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Arduino Leonardo

Nothing, It’s a UNO R3 but can be recognized as a computer mouse or keyboard.
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Arduino Micro

Basically an Arduino UNO R3 but smaller (Like Arduino Nano) and some more pins.
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ESP8266 – 12F/E Based Boards

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It is a high-performance microcontroller chip with Wi-Fi !
It’s a lot faster than Arduino UNO R3, Nano, Pro Mini, Micro.
But programming ESP8266 board is a complex process.
Using ESP8266-12F/E based boards are recommended, it simplifies the process of programming.

Specs Comparison to Arduino

Buy NodeMCU from Banggood

  • Clock speed 80MHz compared to 16Mhz
  • A memory of 128 KB compared to 2 KB.
  • Flash size of 4 MB including EEPROM.
  • Programmable by Arduino IDE, lots of libraries are also available.
  • Other frameworks are available for programming in other languages like Python, JavaScript, Lua and with more development features.


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  • A most popular ESP8266 12F based board.
  • Comes with a programmer.
  • Cost : 2 – 2.5$
  • It provides all the pins ESP8266 12F board has.
  • All logic pins ( except RX and TX ) are 5V tolerant, means you can connect 5V signal to these pins, and can also provide 5V output.
  • One major problem I faced, it’s programmer wears after flashing many times, like above 40 times. The solution to this issue is to use OTA Update (Flashing/Uploading sketch/firmware on the air i.e Wi-Fi).
  • Costs 2 – 2.4$.
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Wemos D1 Mini

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  • Also one of the most popular board.
  • Don’t expose all the pins of ESP8266 12F/E microcontroller chip, but exposes all necessary pins.
  • Powered and programmed by micro USB, the external voltage can be from 7-12 V.
  • Pins are not tolerant to 5V and obviously don’t output the same.
  • Header pins are not soldered to it.
  • A lot smaller than NodeMCU.
  • Various shields like temperature sensor, relay, etc are available for purchase.
  • Costs 1.2 – 2.5$.

Witty Cloud

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  • A board with a really nice concept.
  • Programmer and ESP8266 12F are separate, so when you want to program it, just attach it to the programmer base.
  • It’s really small (like wemos).
  • Not 5V tolerant.
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ESP32 Based Boards

  • Well ESP32 is a great microcontroller chip, packs a lot more punch (Seriously) than ESP8266. It’s a bigger brother of ESP8266-12F/E.
  • It runs on a 160 or 240MHz clock speed compared to 80 and 120MHz.
  • It has a dual core processor as opposed to a single core.
  • 520 KB of memory.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • And a huge array of GPIO pins, i.e up to 32 GPIO
  • Pins, including 12 Analog input pins.
    I don’t want to talk about each ESP32 based boards because there’s a lot of boards out there with interesting features like camera, external antenna, sd card, inbuilt display, bigger flash memory.
    I will list some with a very short description.

NodeMCU ESP32 Dev-Kit

Click to buy from Banggood

Just a simple and good NodeMCU.
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ESP32 with Camera

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It doesn’t comes with programmer inbuilt.
Programmer is needed for uploading firmware to it.

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Wemos D1 Mini ESP32

Comes with a programmer inbuilt.

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ESP32 with Lora and antenna

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Lora is a long range wireless communication protocol.

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Lolin ESP32 with OLED

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It is a family of 32-bit microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M processor.
A small board and excellent performance. One the best board you can get in this family is STM32F103C8T6.

STM32F103C8T6 Devlopment Board

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  • It is the popular board in the STM32 family.
  • Runs at a clock speed of 72MHz.
  • 64 KB flash and 20KB memory.
  • 32 I/O Pins, including 15 PWM pins
  • Doesn’t comes with a programmer, means you will always need a programmer every time you want to upload new firmware.
    But there is a way to upload new firmware without a programmer, requires a programmer initially. Check out this great video, click here.
  • Not all pins are 5V tolerant, only a few pins are. Rest operates at 3.3V.
  • Costs 1.8$ to 5$.
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RF – Nano

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  • Don’t bother the name, it’s not from Arduino. But it looks like Arduino Nano.
  • It comes with NRF24l01+, which is a 2.4 RF module for wireless communication.
  • NRF24l01+ has a range up to 100m without antenna, and more with an antenna.
  • It has the same specs as Arduino Nano. But costs more (more than NRF24l01+ and Arduino Nano clone separate), You can get it for 3.8$ on AliExpress with it’s showing 1$ shipping to my location. Or you can get it for 7-9$ on AliExpress and Banggood.
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This vendor sells Arduino like products, but most of them are very small and cheap also.

DigiSpark Attiny85

  • As the name suggests it is a board based on Atmel Attiny85.
  • It comes with a programmer, just plug and program.
  • It’s compatible with Arduino IDE.
  • Its documentation can sometimes difficult to understand. Sometimes simple things like digital output, PWM output is confusing in their documentation.
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Atmel Attiny Product Line

Well, this is not really development board like Arduino or NodeMCU. The reason I listed this because it is small and it doesn’t require external oscillator or circuitry to run, just 2 wires for power.
However, to program, it needs a programmer to program it, or you can use the Arduino board as ISP.
Some of its great products are (Specs only)


Storage: 8KB
Memory: 512 Bytes
Analog Inputs: 1
PWM Pins: 5
Clock Speed: 20Mz
Price: Around $0.80 for dip version.


Storage: 1 KB
Memory: 64 Bytes
Analog Inputs: 1
PWM Pins: 2
Clock Speed: 20Mz
Price: Around $0.60 for dip version.


Storage: 2 KB
Memory: 128 Bytes
Analog Inputs: 1
PWM Pins: 4
Clock Speed: 20Mz
Price: Around $0.80 for dip version.

Aakash Kumar

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